Virtual Maternity Child Birth in Second Life Game

The below video is a bit graphic. In fact you may need to verify your age by signing into a YouTube account in order to see it. The video shows the virtual birth of two HUD controled babies in Second Life. Yes many women want to go through a virtual birthing process for a fee. The video is pretty amazing though (disregard the German music of course). But it shows a women avatar with a big belly on the birthing bed going through labor pain animations. It is kind of shocking when the babies head pokes out. It is the birth of twins so it happens twice. If you skip or watch to the end of the movie you can see the two proud parents caring for virtual babies and holding their babies as they cry.

Here is a Less Graphic Photo Video of a Virtual Maternity Child Birth in Second Life Game

If you are interested do a search for these two paid services:

1. Rock A Bye Babies Maternity Clinic

2. Sweet Dreamzz Maternity Clinic

Yes here is a Second Life SLurl for you to teleport directly.

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