Happy Halloween Second Life

It is that scary time of month again. Happy Halloween Second Life! There are many festive and fun places to visit in Second Life for Halloween including Pumpkin Town which includes concerts, freebies, a pumpking hunt, and more. Also check out the below Haunted Houses:

Second Life Halloween Haunted Houses:

Live This Week: Second Life Avatars to Load 2x Faster Project Sunshine


Second Life Avatars will load two times faster with the Project Sunshine server component going live this week.  If you have not already done so make sure to download the Project Sunshine view update.

Project Sunshine causes the avatar to rez using a separate server.  This improves the texture composite load rate and reduces the risk of loading errors while greatly improving avatar load times.  The burden is no longer on the client hardware.

Many third party viewers already contain this update.

Check out the below 2 minute long video on Project Sunshine

Editing Second Life Photos with Adobe Photoshop Video Tutorial

Have you ever wondered how to edit your Second Life Photos to give them a professional or vintage look? Well now you can thanks to this short step by step video tutorial from Felicity providing tips on camera settings and how to edit the photo in Adobe Photoshop to create a professional vintage look.

Check out the video below which is about 8.5 minutes long…………………….

Video Tutorial: Editing Second Life Photos with Photoshop

Video: Same Sex Marriage Wedding Ceremony in Second Life

Below is a 6 minute long video of a Same Sex Marriage Wedding Ceremony in Second Life. What are your thoughts about gay marriage and same sex weddings? They have certainly gained more acceptance and popularity in the real world and have been going on in Second Life for years. The wedding of Erik and Wolf took place on 7/20/2013 in Second Life. Check out the video below

Second Life Sex Marriage Wedding Ceremony Video:

Linden Lab Makes Educational & Non-profit Pricing More Available

Linden Lab recently announced that they are formalizing a price decrease of 50% for educational or non-profit organizations.  This includes the private region setup and maintenance costs.  The discount applies to full regions, open spaces, and homesteads.  This change really just makes the benefit more easily accessible by more of these groups.  With a minimum of 6 months you can also qualify for invoicing.

To be eligible you must send proof of educational accreditation or non-profit status along with a government-issued photo ID to education@lindenlab.com or nonprofit@lindenlab.com.

Learn more on the Wiki or the Special Orders Page

Second Life Economy In Double-Dip Recession

The Second Life Economy appears to be in a double-dip recession mirroring the United States Economy. Linden lab released their economic statistics recently showing a continued decline in several key areas. Perhaps even more telling were the metrics that are no longer tracked and were not released.

But lets just review what was.

Average Monthly Economic Participants Continues to Decline

First of all the average monthly economic participants (number of people buying things) dropped by 2,000 from Q1 to Q2 of 20ll. This is down 27,000 from a year ago.

Value of L$ Continues to Drop

The value of the L$ continued to drop and is now down to an average exchange rate of L$252.3 from L$263.7 a year ago.

What we do not see is overall information on unique, monthly logins, overall economy value, etc. The insistence that web sales are up does not however account for the fact that in-world sales are down to the point of destroying shops in-world. We are also not seeing the numbers of deleted or inactive accounts.

Meanwhile there is more discontent with the virtual world, higher tier costs, and continued land ownership problems. What are your thoughts?

What Do You Think About the 36 New Default Second Life Avatars?

It has been about a month since the 36 new default avatars appeared in Second Life. These new avatars are non-human and are a departure from the standard boring defaults. You will find them under Library>Clothing>Initial Outfits in just about any viewer. They feature several furry avatars from Damien Fate, several robot avatars from Renn Yifu, and several vehicles from Xenius Revere.

The vehicles are perhaps the most non-human include a plane, motorcycle, and monster truck. These will be available eventually during registration. So, what do you think about the thirty six new default Second Life Avatars?

Check out the images below:

SL8B Party is June 20-26th – 8 Years of Second Life!

Can you believe it has been 8 years of Second Life? The SL8B party is scheduled for Monday, June 20, 2011 through Sunday June 26, 2011 in Second Life starting at 10:00 am second life time. The events will include music, artwork, merchants, and more. The theme of this year’s birthday bash is the “Magic of Second Life”. Many people are taking a wizard and sorceress theme and running with it. Over 20 sims will be used for the exhibits and entertainment.

The actual 8 year birthday of Second Life is June 23, 2011. The deadline for exhibitor and performer applications is May 20, 2010.

Check out the below video entitled The Dreams We Live. The video is about 1 minute long.

The Dreams We Live in Second Life

Read more at the wiki here.

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