Second Life Werewolf Avatar & HUD HD Video

Second Life Werewolf Avatar MMORPG

The below is a high definition video demo of the MDHU Lycan in Second Life. This Werewolf avatar is very cool. This is verson 3. The HUD box claims to have over 150 animations and 40 motion capture animations. Gestures, walks, greetings, jump enhancer, and combat are all included.

This thing is so cool that it has suddenly turned Second Life into one of those Werewolf MMORPG Games.

The HUD animations are available for L$2399 here the MDHU Lycan Werewolf Avatar is available for L$2899 here and please notice that they are sold seperately.

Check out the below high definition video. It is about 9 minutes long.

Second Life Werewolf

Second Life Werewolf – Lycan Avatar & HUD HD Video

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