Build Your Own Free 3d Roller Coaster with Tool in Second Life: HD Video

We have written before about 3d Roller Coasters in Second Life because….well….they are a lot of fun. Now you can build your own virtual roller coaster in Second Life with a free roller coaster builder which includes a track maker Tool. Check out the below high definition video. It is about four and a half minutes long. The video shows some virtual roller coaster games with riding and then the 3d roller coaster designer track builder tool Track Maker v5.56 which includes automatic generation of loops. It is really quite good.

Free Roller Coaster Builder in Second Life

HD Video: Build a Free 3d Roller Coaster in Second Life

The tool is called Track Maker v5.56 so you can search for it is Second Life or Contact DerKleineDjDino to get it.

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0 thoughts on “Build Your Own Free 3d Roller Coaster with Tool in Second Life: HD Video”

  1. Who wants to have the Roller Coaster (for free) : Please send an IM to me in the game. (I play Second Life non-profit/no-buisness and have no shop)

  2. I will put everyone out of their misery, after watching the video in HD I finally could see the avatar name’s and found him in search 😉

    DjDino Oh

    He delivered it to me quickly, it’s free, and it’s really cool. Just remember that when you sit on the track making prim, use the arrow keys and pgup/pgdown to build your track. The docs are rather scarce.

    Good luck!

  3. A new System-Version v2.6 with a higher drivingspeed is there. As always, it’s free 😉

    Thats the last Update, the Project is finished & closed.

  4. TO DjDino Oh,
    When do u log-in SL?
    i have already send u the friend request
    would u reply and send me the “Trackmaker v5.6”?

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