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6 HD Videos on 3d Mesh Import in Second Life – Open Beta Coming Soon

Second Life 3d Mesh Import

We have written frequently about 3d Mesh Import in Second Life. The Collada file format would be supported allowing for complex 3d Creation Tools such as Maya, 3D Studio Max, or Blender to be used to create and import directly into Second Life.

This feature is currently in closed beta testing with the Non Disclosure Agreement just recently lifted. The open beta test for 3d Mesh Import will be coming to Second Life soon.

Below are 6 high definition videos showing off 3d mesh import. They vary in length from one to two minutes long. Check it out below.

3d Mesh Import in Second Life HD Video:

Designing Avatars with 3d Mesh Import HD Video:

HD Machinima Videos Featuring Mesh Imports:

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The Greenies are Back at the Mermaid Temple & HD Video

The Greenies Rezzable Mermaid Temple

We wrote recently that the Rezzable Greenies were leaving Second Life on June 23, 2010. They did leave but now they are back. The Greenies have been resurrected at the Mermaid Temple.

This time they are under the sea and look more like creatures from the black lagoon. Teleport there now

The video is about 2 minutes long. Check it out below.

The Greenies are Back at the Mermaid Temple HD Video:

Rezzable Greenies Home Closing in Second Life on June 23rd


We have written frequently about the Greenies in Second Life

We are sad to report that the Greenies Home in Second Life will be closing on June 23, 2010. Rezzable confirmed the closing and will celebrate with a Goodbye Party over the weekend. The Greenies will be flying back to their home planet.

Teleport there now.

Check out the below high definition video tour. The video is about 4 minutes long.

Greenies HD Video Tour:

Importing 3d Mesh Objects Finally Coming to Second Life

Second Life Import Mesh

It has been a long time coming. Linden Lab recently announced that a feature that will allow the importing of 3d mesh objects created in professional modeling tools such as Maya and 3D Studio Max will finally be available in the second quarter of 2010. The Mesh Public Beta will initially be limited to the beta grid but should give much more power to creators and developers.

This will make many people very happy but will also heighten copy infringement concerns and naturally lead to additional restrictions and rules as well as possible additional costs.

Wow those Second Life Maya Tutorial Classes just got a lot more useful….

Read more here.

3d Video Example: Put On Your Red & Cyan 3d Glasses

Since YouTube now supports 3d and the 3d Stereo Viewer in Second Life can output the Anaglypic System, you can now create 3d movies just like in the theaters.

To create your own 3d movie in Second Life you will need to download the viewer and follow the below steps:

# Go into Edit >Preferences > Advanced Graphics Tab.

# Located ‘Anaglypic System’ and turn that one one.

# In the Graphics Tab set your draw distance to beyond 200-something.

# Locate ‘anti aliasing’ and turn that on.

# Save & close the Preferences Settings.

Now watch the below 3d video:

3d Video Example: Put On Your Red & Cyan 3d Glasses

YouTube 3d: Second Life Bikini Beach Babe in 4D Jumps Off Your Screen Just Like Movies

Okay maybe this video is a particularly sexist or adult subject matter but it does beautifully demonstrate how Second Life could appear in 4D and jump off of your computer screen with 3d Anaglyph-Glasses (Red-Cyan) and certain 3d effects to create a more realistic virtual reality 3d experience. Can you imagine if this YouTube 3d technology can be adapted to the Second Life browser client or World of Warcraft or any other MMORPG game? Check out the below High Definition Video below:

Youtube 3d

YouTube 3d Second Life in 4D: Jumps Off Your Screen with 3d Anaglyph-Glasses – Bikini Beach Babe Video:

Zindra Ticket Deadline is Today

Today is the last day to submit your Zindra ticket request. If you need to move the adult continent of Zindra in Second Life then now is the time to submit your request.

If you are moving there make sure to watch the Zindra National Anthem video.

Zindra Map