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Second Life Economy In Double-Dip Recession

The Second Life Economy appears to be in a double-dip recession mirroring the United States Economy. Linden lab released their economic statistics recently showing a continued decline in several key areas. Perhaps even more telling were the metrics that are no longer tracked and were not released.

But lets just review what was.

Average Monthly Economic Participants Continues to Decline

First of all the average monthly economic participants (number of people buying things) dropped by 2,000 from Q1 to Q2 of 20ll. This is down 27,000 from a year ago.

Value of L$ Continues to Drop

The value of the L$ continued to drop and is now down to an average exchange rate of L$252.3 from L$263.7 a year ago.

What we do not see is overall information on unique, monthly logins, overall economy value, etc. The insistence that web sales are up does not however account for the fact that in-world sales are down to the point of destroying shops in-world. We are also not seeing the numbers of deleted or inactive accounts.

Meanwhile there is more discontent with the virtual world, higher tier costs, and continued land ownership problems. What are your thoughts?

Linden Lab Shuts Down Avatars United 8 Months After Purchase

Avatars United Shut Down

8 short months after Linden Lab bought Avatars United it has announced that the gamers social media service will be shut down forever.

This is a stunning blow to the gaming social media world and a further hint at mismanagement and money problems for the Second Life creators Linden Lab.

It seems like a Yahoo style waste of money if you ask me.

Avatars United will be shut down almost immediately on September 29th, 2010. Second Life will soon develop their own resident profiles but players of other massively multiplayer online role playing games are basically screwed.

Read more here.

New Second Life Documentary to Show at Anaheim Film Festival

Second Life Documentary

Alain Della Negra and Kaori Kinoshita have created a new Second Life Documentary. This French Documentary is called The Cat, the Reverend and the Slave.

The interviews are in English and translated in French. The documentary covers three people as they look for more out of life in the virtual world. One is a minister who runs a virtual church, one is involved in S/M and the other is a Furry.

The video includes footage from back in 2007 but with much newer footage. The DVD will be out sometime next year and the movie will be shown in theaters in France and also at the Anaheim Film Festival in California.

Below are two trailers for the documentary. They are about 2 minutes long each. Check them out below.

The Cat, the Reverend and the Slave:

Second Life Documentary Trailer 2: