What Do You Think About the 36 New Default Second Life Avatars?

It has been about a month since the 36 new default avatars appeared in Second Life. These new avatars are non-human and are a departure from the standard boring defaults. You will find them under Library>Clothing>Initial Outfits in just about any viewer. They feature several furry avatars from Damien Fate, several robot avatars from Renn Yifu, and several vehicles from Xenius Revere.

The vehicles are perhaps the most non-human include a plane, motorcycle, and monster truck. These will be available eventually during registration. So, what do you think about the thirty six new default Second Life Avatars?

Check out the images below:

One thought on “What Do You Think About the 36 New Default Second Life Avatars?”

  1. I like the new avatars, especially the robots and vehicles. To drive on Linden roads with one of this cars, or to fly with a little space ship through sims of Insilico is nearly lag-free. And this was also one motivation of LL to bring these new avatars.

    Actually there are 48 new avatars. As you can see in the last LL blogpost for the August updates, they add another 12 avis with a ethnicities spectrum.


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