Virtual Baby Games Video: Pregnant Woman Gives Birth to 3d Child

In the below video we see an example of some virtual baby games in which a 3d woman visits her doctor, gets a virtual ultrasound, takex part in a virtual lamaze class and then gives birth to a 3d child. It is a water birth in a fountain with plants and flowers. I would not recommend that in real life but since it is a virtual birth and a 3d pregnancy it does not really matter. The video is about 6 minutes long.

Check it out below.

Virtual Baby Games

Video: Virtual Baby Games of Pregnant Woman Gives Birth to 3d Child:

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  1. well my friend sis was pregnant and hannah didnt know how a baby was born so we asked jill but i forgot i think its labor not sure

  2. how the heck do you get on this game i already signed up but i don’t know how to get on the real game! it’s driving me crazy!

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