Virtual Baby Games in Second Life Care Online

I wrote an earlier post about virtual baby games in Second Life. The most common question is how do I play?

How You can play with and care for a virtual baby online:

The baby in the virtual baby online video is a scripted object which you can obtain and care for in the free virtual world of Second Life.

For under $30 (L$250 are about equal to $1 US) you can buy a boy and girl virtual baby, 2 rooms, and more in a virtual baby 2 pack. For more information CLICK HERE

Or for about $5 you can buy just the virtual girl baby or the virtual boy baby.

Then download the Second Life viewer software for free.

Check out this video:

The following is also included in the pack:


  • Milk Bottle
  • Bib
  • Blanket
  • Pacifier
  • Rattle


  • Arabic
  • African
  • Oxident
  • Asian


  • Stand Baby
  • Stand
  • RattleStand
  • MilkStand
  • PlayStand
  • BlanketStand
  • Sit Baby
  • Sit
  • RattleSit
  • MilkSit
  • PlaySit
  • BlanketSit
  • Sleep Baby
  • Sleep
  • RattleSleep
  • MilkSleep
  • PlaySleep
  • BlanketSleep
  • LayerChange
  • Attach
  • Stroller
  • Harness
  • Attach Me
  • Car Seat
  • Detach


  • Pet
  • Rot
  • Cry
  • Laugh
  • Random Sound


  • Shoes
  • ShoesOnOff
  • ChangeShoes
  • Layer
  • Cap
  • Short
  • Pant
  • Tshirt
  • Jacket

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0 thoughts on “Virtual Baby Games in Second Life Care Online”

  1. this game loooks so fun.,….it sucks u have to buy it…in fact its pretty stupid u have to buy it…if u didnt i would be on this thin everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi can you sign up if your 11 or can u give me some websites that hav a baby in it that you feel like a mom i just love kids and babies please respond

  3. Hi, Im only 10years old. I like this game too… but my laptop cant download it! and my mom will not allow me to buy the game! Is any free game and its about caring baby, pet, or like designing something…???(I just really enjoy the virtual pet game!!) Thanks!

  4. I really wanna play it but the good games you either have to buy them or download..>=[ Can i have a website where u actually feel like a mom…Where u can bathe it and Take it out and walk it. I know there is no simulation with that game i wish where u don’t have to buy it or download..Dam it!

  5. yeah im sitting here thinking the same.. why cant it be a free play online game.. i mean some of us cant afford to be buying it!? and is there any other games that u can be like a real mom besides this because i have searched and searched and i really need help because i wanna play one like this,

    1. @sunnshinee
      Thank you for your comment. There are free ones available in Second Life. It is just that the better ones cost about $6 – $10 US.

  6. ohmygod i want to play this game so bad!!! can’t you make the online version please? i just want to feel what pregnant womans feel! puhlease?

  7. Guys, you don’t have to buy it. You just download and play. If you want money on the game, you can just get a job on there where you earn it which all part of the fun of the game. With the money you earn you can do whatever you want. It doesn’t have to cost you any real money. I’ve been playing for years for fee because I have a good job. Just download it and learn as you go!

  8. how do you have a baby in second life? cause i had second life and i didnt know how to have a baby so i deleted it

  9. can some one help me because i want to know if you can have a baby and going shoopinf for the babies needs and i hope it you can have a baby and there is a baby shop and if there isnt can some one tell me a game plz.

  10. you can play a game called babydow. i have tried second life and babydow, and i think babydow is a much better opportunity to play. on second life you can either buy it or play it online, but you have to be13 to play it. babydow you can play it online, you can make new babys chat change there dippers feed them bath them change them participate in activities with them go shoping with them go on walks with them and a whole bunch more fun activities you can do on babydow. your baby will get bigger they will grow as you feed them and take care of them. your baby will learn how to talk, walk go to the potty, smile laugh they will get there first tooth, and when your baby reaches the age of 3 years old u have to put them to school and u will not be able to take care of them any longer. but no worrys you can get a new baby but you have to earn them. you can uppgrade new looks, activities, and more for your babies. i actualy have a babydow and i currently have 17 babys and 2 kids in school. so if i were you i would defenetly try it. you even get your own password, and your own user name. if you want to be my friend on babydow, my username is (lilmj33). please pm me if you need any sort or kind of help. have fun! .

  11. why do we have to buy it you no that woth all the comments that we cant buy the game you should let it be free or if u want to be a real member but with the real member you can have more then one baby but with the free one you can only have one baby and you stll get to have a house and a backyeard and play with your baby also clean change walk teach and take you baby to school sort of like want you would to in real life so please your not going to get alot of members if u r making the pay so please just thing about my answwer please comment me bake thanx bye

  12. u dont have to pay to play second life ill help u i have a baby for free that u can thake care of ok my avatars name is sally relait she has 2 boys and one girl and yes to get prego u have to have sex or have a spurm donation odne its dosent hurt trust me.or if ur avatar is a child i can adopt u and u could play with ur brothers and sister so just coment back and ill tell u were u can find me thanks and belles u all who love childern

  13. yeah ihave played babydow but i don`t know how to get triplets or twins and i wan`t to have sx and have my own person and be a big family and i don`t wan`t to download or have to buy it

  14. y do we hav to pay?????????? i want to play this game….it looks very fun. plz make it free plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  15. y do we hav to pay?????????? i want to play this game….it looks very fun. plz make it free plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh bwhy is it not free 8-(

  16. Dea hun you dont pay for secondlife, even the money you can ear theres no need to pay. it is easier if you did buy Ls but earning is easy too i just dont know if theres any places then hire teens.

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