3D Birth Pregnancy Game Video

In the below video we see another very intimate 3d birth of a woman surrounded by her friends and family in a virtual hospital. This pregnancy game is the start of caring for a virtual online baby in Second Life and the experience and the cost to adopt a virtual baby are often free or very low as in under $10.

Check out the below video: (below the 2 images)

Pregnancy Game

3d Birth

3D Birth Pregnancy Game Video:

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0 thoughts on “3D Birth Pregnancy Game Video”

  1. can someone please help me i really would like 2 play this game with me already being pregnant but can’t find a link 2 the game can anyone help please thanx mel

  2. mel nicole do i know u to i have a cuz named nicole and her bff is named mel and i jus saw her at chuckie cheese she works there.

    and ps. i played and for me its impossible lol

  3. the game is called secondlife.

    goto Secondlife.com, then download this game to your computer, you will have to make your own avatar, its free and fun once you get how to play it. I have a avatar there as well, i’m a role play mid wife there.

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