The long awaited age verification system in Second Life

The long awaited age verification system in Second Life is currently being tested. I am greatly against this privacy outrage and the fact that Linden Labs will be storing even more information about you on their servers. Age verification is supposidly voluntary. But you will be limited to where you can go if you do not do it. This is just one step away from real life identity verification. Supposidly the information isn’t stored (but it says unless required by law).

So here are the documents you can use to verify your age:

1. Your passport

2. Your Driver’s license

3. Your National ID Number

4. Your Social Security Number

That is correct. You will be entering this sensative identity theft ready information into Second Life!

I also do not like that Linden Labs is outsourcing the identity verification and transmitting your information back and forth.

And get this! The age verification is TEMPORARILY free! LOL. They will start charging for this eventually!

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  1. Second Life’s age verification = identity theft. They request sensitive personal information such as your ID card or passport, entirely disregarding personal and online privacy. And what for? To make sure kids don’t lie to see some 3D porn? You can’t be serious.

    You basically give them your whole life. Information about where you live, who your parents are, your full name, and even your picture. LL has no right to request this! It’s outrageous that no legal action has been taken so far, and they’re being allowed to do this for years.

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