The Japanese Second Life killer Meet Me has rolled out

The Japanese Second Life killer Meet Me has rolled out and will be open to the public in December. The Japanese game has some several differences than Second Life. For one, the graphics seem to look better. Another major difference is that the Japanese Meet Me is much more orderly and is G rated. There is no flying around or teleporting as there is in Second Life. Avatars must take mass transportation or run or walk. This does seem to encourage better socialization. Meet Me has much more anime looking avatars with everything rounder and softer. The Meet Me landscape is based on Tokyo Japan. Sony Corp also based in Japan will soon challenge with their Play Station 3 run “Home” virtual world. This is far too much competition for the out of touch Linden Labs to handle in Japan. Meet Me is run and controlled by Transcosmos and profanity will be outlawed and all rules enforced. Japanese players make up only 8% of Second Life players. Expect that to drop down drastically. The plan is to quickly expand the Meet Me game platform into cell phone use which frankly Second Life will never be able to do.