Create Manga Make Anime Characters as 3d Virtual World Avatar

Following my recent post on how you can create manga video game avatars I have established a few other great options. For one you can make manga anime characters and create your own anime avatar such as Naruto in the character editor Second Life but your options do not end their.

You could also attempt manga creation and making anime with a program such as the Spore Game Demo Creature Creator or even Stage an anime fight scene in Google Lively.

These are very powerful programs with very flexible modeling tools that allow you the ability to create for free what lies in the recesses of your imagination.

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  1. I luv anime… I usually look for anime virtual games… and I keep thinking of inventing my own anime… is this the right site for it????

    tell me plz if there are other sites of anime stuff ?

  2. hello,is this an anime creator i like anime and thats my favorate so…………. im a china girl ok bye now……………….. ok 😉

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