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Transcript from Press Conference: Upcoming Changes for Adult Content in Second Life & Linden Lab Virtual Land Exchange & Move

As a recognized member of the press in Second Life, I received the below transcript from Pete Linden regarding the upcoming changes to adult content.  Questions were answered from Cyn Linden, Ken Linden, and Jack Linden in-world on a variety on topics such as the segregation and censhorship of adult content in Second Life and the logistics of the move and change.  Read More


I am going to go ahead and just post the entire transcript for you:

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Update on Adult Content Segregation in Second Life: Definitions and Timelines

You may have heard that Linden Lab is segregating adult content in Second Life. There are many users that are unhappy about these new restrictions and verification requirements.

In an update, Linden Lab has defined Adult content, Mature content, and PG content. They have also announced the below milestone dates:

1. Finalizing definitions by April 30, 2009.

2. Release Candidate Viewer 1.23 containing new functionality and filters by April 30, 2009

3. Launch new viewer and functionality by end of June 2009.

4. Move all Adult content to new content and Restrict access to verified accounts starting July 1, 2009.

Definitions of Adult Content:

1. Intensely violent acts: photos or 3d of torture, death, dismemberment or other bodily harm

2. Photo-realistic nudity

3. Sexually themed content, activities, or spaces both 3d and photos.

No More Sex in Second Life? – Linden Lab Cracks Down on Adult Content

Linden Lab lab announced today in their blog a huge crackdown on adult content in Second Life.

If you remember the outlawing of gambling in Second Life, crackdown on advertising in Second Life, or the new virtual land restrictions then this may not come as a surprise change for the virtual world.

Read more below:

Second Life Adult Content Crackdown Coming for Months

In fact I predicted this change when Linden Lab bought Xstreet SL and OnRez via my question at a press conference asking if Xstreet SL would remove adult content. In fact adult content is currently hidden on the Xstreet SL site by default (a change) and you must now select to show the adult content.

Will Usership and Virtual Economy in Second Life Drop as with the Gambling Ban?

Some will argue that these moves choke off the lifeblood of Second Life. While it is true that short term use of Second Life typically declines after these types of moves as does the virtual economy (as it did with the gambling ban) it is in the best interest of Linden Lab to continue to add rules and regulations and make Second Life more mainstream.

What Second Life Adult Changes will Look Like:

1. Creation of a Red Zone Adult Island

2. Filtered Search Results

3. Payment/ Age Verification to see Adult Content in Second Life

4. Estate Owners can Flag Adult Content

5. Guidelines on what is “Adult” Coming Soon.

Linden Lab blog