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Teen Second Life Shutting Down Forever December 31st

Teen Second Life Shutting Down Ending

We wrote recently about the 12 Major Changes Coming to Second Life many of which were announced at SLCC 2010.

One of the most earth shattering yet glossed over changes will be that Teen Second Life will be discontinued. Teens age 16 and above will be allowed into the Main Grid. The teen grid will be shut down on December 31, 2010.

This is a huge change for Second Life and despite restricting adult content to Zindra and adding maturity ratings and restrictions it can’t ease concerns about age play in Second Life.

Really it comes down to a cost cutting measure as Linden Lab is showing severe signs of financial strain. But will this be another terrible mistake? Or a change to strengthen the community?

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Second Life Teens Merged With Adults in SL Forums

Teens Merged into Second Life Forums with Adults

We wrote recently about Linden Lab dropping vBulletin and changing the official Second Life Forums. Additional news came today of some even more drastic changes.

Is this a hint that eventually TEEN SL and Second Life for adults will eventually be merged? The changes are listed below.

New or Upcoming Changes to Official Second Life Forums:

1. Teens are now merged with adults in Second Life

2. Private messaging is now active

3. Report Abuse now active

Read more at the JIRA here

View the forums (looks like a blog) here