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Teen Second Life Shutting Down Forever December 31st

Teen Second Life Shutting Down Ending

We wrote recently about the 12 Major Changes Coming to Second Life many of which were announced at SLCC 2010.

One of the most earth shattering yet glossed over changes will be that Teen Second Life will be discontinued. Teens age 16 and above will be allowed into the Main Grid. The teen grid will be shut down on December 31, 2010.

This is a huge change for Second Life and despite restricting adult content to Zindra and adding maturity ratings and restrictions it can’t ease concerns about age play in Second Life.

Really it comes down to a cost cutting measure as Linden Lab is showing severe signs of financial strain. But will this be another terrible mistake? Or a change to strengthen the community?

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Second Life Opens Message of Day to Advertisers

Second Life Advertising Message of the Day

Linden Lab has announced that Second Life advertisers will now be able to advertise in the Message of the Day area. This message appears below the progress bar for all users when logging in with the Second Life client.

Going forward qualified (approved) advertisers will be allowed to promote their inworld organization or business using the MotD. There will be a trial of this service for a month. Advertisers must have their account in good standing as well as have an external web site. Educational institutions and nonprofit organizations are eligible for a 50% discount. Advertisements will be marked with the text “Advertisement”. There is a limit of 100 characters not including the URL. For now ads will run only in English and only on the Main Grid.

This feature gives advertisers access to the almost 500,000 logins a day and ads a new revenue source for Linden Lab. The prices are pretty high and sold in blocks of time. Costs are billed to your Second Life account (credit card or payment must be on file).

Second Life Message of the Day Advertising Rates:

1. $4500 US Dollars 7AM-6:30PM Pacific Time (per day)

2. $1500 US Dollars 7PM-6:30AM Pacific Time (per day)

You can signup here

Zindra Ticket Deadline is Today

Today is the last day to submit your Zindra ticket request. If you need to move the adult continent of Zindra in Second Life then now is the time to submit your request.

If you are moving there make sure to watch the Zindra National Anthem video.

Zindra Map

HD Video of the Zindra National Anthem

Please be warned. The below high definition video of the Zindra Adult Contentinent in Second Life National Anthem does contain nudity and adult themes. It is for adult viewers only.

Zindra National Anthem HD Video:

Zindra Ticket Deadline Delayed Until July 24 & More Land Now Available

We have extensively covered the development and progress of the Zindra Second Life Adult Continent. The relocation request tickets were available as of Monday, June, 29, 2009 and Linden Lab has already had over seven hundred requests. Large parcels have been requested and so more of the Zindra land will be opening and available. New areas will be added to the East and to the South. The closing of request tickets has been delayed until Friday, July 24, 2009.

Zindra Tickets Available Monday 29th 10 am & New Map

Linden Lab has released an update to Zindra in Second Life. This includes a new map which you can see below. Tickets will be available starting on Monday, June 29, 2009 at 10:00 am.

The ticketing process will be open for 3 weeks and close on July, 20, 2009 at 10 am. Check out the updated map below.

Zindra Second Life Map

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Zindra Second Life Adult Continent Officially Open – Until June 29th Teleport There Now

We have written before about Zindra the new Adult Continent in Second Life. Jack Linden announced today that this adult playground in the virtual world of Second Life is now live and accessible. There is even a handy map of the regions which are as follows:

The New Regions of Zindra:

1. Kama City (Transit Hub) Teleport there now

2. Oritz-Gilda (Infohub)

3. Laffoon Reservoir

4. Guittarez Hydroelectric Dam Teleport there now

5. Barnaby Point Swing Bridge

6. Vulcryis Mons

7. Tyrell Mountains

Zindra Second Life Map

There are rural areas, city areas, Shell Beach Teleport there now, an island of Cinyris Teleport there now, the island of Ignyris, Troyes Bay and Ursula Bay, and more.

Zindra opened late last night and will be open for 2 weeks until June 29th. At that time applications for land swaps and purchase of parcels will begin. Zindra will then be accessable by only residents who have had their age and identities verified.

Zindra is the Official Name of the Second Life Adult Continent

We have written before about the changes to adult content in Second Life.

This included definitions on what counted as adult or PG as far as content in Second Life.

Linden Lab has again updated us with more information about this and the move of all adult content to a red light district Adult Continent.

Zindra Second Life Adult Content Continent

Zindra Sounds Like the Adult Version of Zathura

The move to the Adult Continent should hapen in the middle of June. The official name of the Second Life Adult Continent is Zindra. The beta name was Ursula. The adult search filtering in the new viewer 1.23 should also be released sometime in the middle of June.

Age Verification by the End of August

As previously mentioned Age verification will be necessary to see adult content in Second Life. The process will take several months but is expected to complete by the end of August. Aristotle is providing the age verification service.

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