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Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education 2011 Conference March 17-19th & HD Video

Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education 2011

The fourth annual Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education conference will be held from Thursday, March 17, 2011 until Saturday, March 19, 2011.

The VWBPE focuses on education and learning in virtual environments. The theme of this year is “You are Here”. Registration is free. The event will cover over 20 sims in the virtual world of Second Life and include workshops, presentations, and more.

Check out the below video promo for the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference. The video is about 1 minute long.

VWBPE 2011 Conference Video:

FREE $2500 of Virtual Land for 2010 Immersive Education Summit Attendees

2010 Immersive Education Summit

The 2010 Immersive Education Summit will be held this year at Boston College from April 23, 2010 until April 25, 2010. If you are a school or non-profit group you should really attend. I mean you should REALLY go. Why? Because any teacher, administrator, or even student who attends the 2010 Immersive Education Summit will receive a 65,536 square meter region of virtual land (would be valued at $2,500 in Second Life) for their non-profit or school. Wow what a deal. And in addition to that you can learn about education in virtual worlds and explore three tracks of K-12, research, and higher education.

This virtual land will be provided free for one year. Attendance at any Immersive Education Initiative Summit also acts to renew the free land each year. It looks like the land will be in OpenSim (very similar to Second Life). Objects can be transferred from Second Life. The virtual land will be hosted on the Education Grid.

Check out the below video showing some footage from the iED 2010 Summit. The video is about 7 minutes long.

Summit Video Footage:

Read the schedule for the Summit here

Read more here.

New Second Life Education Directory Announced

Second Life Educational Directory

Shortly after the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference has concluded, Linden Lab has announced a new Second Life Education Directory.

You can view the list of Academic Organizations in Second Life here. The directory can be searched, sorted, and added to. There are currently 41 entries. (there are 72 in the Resource Database for Second Life Educators site)

Very shortly http://edu.secondlife.com will be launching as well. We will keep you updated.

Video Presentations From VWBPE 2010 Second Life Conference

We wrote recently about the VWBPE 2010 ( Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference ). This years conference saw record attendance with over 5,000 avatars. The VWBPE conference rand from March 12, 2010 through March 13, 2010.

Below are some different videos from the conference. Check them out below. They include hours of video.

Virtual Performance – Performing the Virtual Theatre in Secondlife

The Turning Point

A Brief History of Imaginary Worlds From Tolkien to Second Life

Overview of AI and Bots in Learning

Imagination from Past to Present

Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference – March 12-13 & Video

Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference 2010

We wrote last year about the Virtual Words Best Practicies in Education Conference. The 2010 version of this international virtual education conference will run from March 12, 2010 until March 13, 2010. The VWBPE 2010 Conference will include many guest speakers and educational sessions around the theme: “Imagination Around the World”.

The conference has been a success in the past with 1,500 participants growing to 3,600 last year. This year additional languages will be offered including Portuguese, German, Chinese, and French.

Check out the below video from VWBPE 2009 which is almost 1 hour long.

Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference Video:

Read more here

Learn Sign Language in Japanese – HD Video: Second Life Education

Learn Sign Language Japanese Second Life Education

Would you like to learn Japanese Sign Language in Second Life? Because I would. And that is exactly what the below high definition video shows you.

This is part of an educational effort by the Sign Language Committee in Second Life or the SLCSL. The committed is funded and staffed by volunteers. These gestures were created as original Second Life animations. Unfortunately they do not yet include finger movements or finger languages.

The below video covers a few of the basics. It was created by Yumix Writer in the virtual world of Second Life.

Teleport there now

The video is about 1 minute long. Check it out below.

Learn Japanese Sign Language in Second Life – HD Educational Video:

Read more here

Open University Virtual Education in Second Life

One interesting virtual education project is the Open University’s Innovative Experiment in Community. This virtual university is running several classes in the virtual world of Second Life. Long distance learning and community building are emphasized.

Open University is based in the United Kingdom and currently has 150,000 undergraduate and 30,000 postgraduate students enrolled in courses in the real world. The Second Life virtual campus is an extension of that.

Teleport there now.

Open University is located at the Open Life virtual sim and has developed two islands.

Read more here

Second Life Enterprise Version Sells for Astonishing $55,000

There is a huge benefit to virtual meetings and 3d training. But even I was surprised to learn that the secure Second Life Enterprise version costs an astonishing $55,000. Of course this does include the hardware (two 1RU rack-mount servers) but the price seemed a bit of a shock given it can be obtained at a much lower cost in Second Life or even in OpenSim.

The Second Life Enterprise version was tested by 14 companies along with the Second Life Work Marketplace which is an app store. The Enterprise version should be available for sale in March with beta testing continuing till then.

Here is a list of some of the features included:

Second Life Enterprise Features:

1. Two 1RU Rack-Mount Servers

2. Secure behind firewall

3. 3d modeling tools

4. 3d Browser client

5. 7 Virtual regions including conference centers, auditorium, sandbox areas, etc

6. Set of Business avatars

7. Import from main Second Life environment

8. Use real life names

9. Support up to 8 regions and 800 concurrent users

Read the press release here