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HD Video Tour of Iwagakure Ninja Village in Second Life

Ninja Village Second Life

Iwagakure Village is a ninja role playing sim in the virtual world of Second Life. It is popular with Naruto role players.

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The below high definition video is about 4 minutes long and takes you on a virtual tour of the village. Check it out below.

Iwagakure Ninja Village HD Video Tour:

Naruto Online Games: Nipou HUD in Free Teen Second Life

The below video of Naruto online games was filmed in the free Teen Second Life. It features the Naruto Nipou HUD and was filmed at the Hidden Tree Village virtual sim in Teen Second Life. There are very few ways to play free naruto online games. This online Naruto rpg is pretty cool.

It includes a large selection of Jutsu animations. The video was created by Zyth Hax.

The video is about 2.5 minutes long. Check it out below.

Naruto Games

Naruto Online Games

Naruto Online Games: Nipou HUD RPG in Free Teen Second Life Video:

Video: Naruto Role Playing Game Ninja Jutsu Combat System in Second Life

We have written before about Naruto in Second Life. In the below video we see a sneak peak of a new Naruto Ninja Combat System.

The game system and HUD was created by Shikai Kanto to allow players to use Jutsu in simulated combat. Check it out below:

Naruto RPG Ninja Jutsu

Second Life Naruto Ninja Jutsu Combat System Video:


Also developed is a new village near in the Hinode Shima region of Second Life. In the Naruto role playing game you can gain expereince points, fight, use Jutsu elements lighting, fire, earth, wind, and water. You can also use Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Doujutsu, Chakra, and throwing projectiles. Currency can be earned by defeating others or NPCs or completing missions which can be used to get more jutsu or ninja tools.