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Second Life Opens Message of Day to Advertisers

Second Life Advertising Message of the Day

Linden Lab has announced that Second Life advertisers will now be able to advertise in the Message of the Day area. This message appears below the progress bar for all users when logging in with the Second Life client.

Going forward qualified (approved) advertisers will be allowed to promote their inworld organization or business using the MotD. There will be a trial of this service for a month. Advertisers must have their account in good standing as well as have an external web site. Educational institutions and nonprofit organizations are eligible for a 50% discount. Advertisements will be marked with the text “Advertisement”. There is a limit of 100 characters not including the URL. For now ads will run only in English and only on the Main Grid.

This feature gives advertisers access to the almost 500,000 logins a day and ads a new revenue source for Linden Lab. The prices are pretty high and sold in blocks of time. Costs are billed to your Second Life account (credit card or payment must be on file).

Second Life Message of the Day Advertising Rates:

1. $4500 US Dollars 7AM-6:30PM Pacific Time (per day)

2. $1500 US Dollars 7PM-6:30AM Pacific Time (per day)

You can signup here