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Linden Lab Shuts Down Avatars United 8 Months After Purchase

Avatars United Shut Down

8 short months after Linden Lab bought Avatars United it has announced that the gamers social media service will be shut down forever.

This is a stunning blow to the gaming social media world and a further hint at mismanagement and money problems for the Second Life creators Linden Lab.

It seems like a Yahoo style waste of money if you ask me.

Avatars United will be shut down almost immediately on September 29th, 2010. Second Life will soon develop their own resident profiles but players of other massively multiplayer online role playing games are basically screwed.

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Avatars United Second Life Verification System Now Live

We wrote recently about Second Life creator Linden Lab purchasing the Avatars United MMO Social Networking site. One of the main problems was that there was no verification of Second Life account identities. Linden Lab has now created a verification of Second Life identities.

Steps to Verify your Avatars United Second Life Account:

1. Login to Avatars United

2. Select “Verify this Identity”

3. Trust vierified Second Life avatars can then select “verify this identity”

4. Login to SL Account

5. Select Verify

6. Confirmation message displays

Linden Lab Aquires Avatars United MMO Avatar Community Social Network

Avatars United Aquired by Linden Lab Second Life

Linden Lab announced today that they have aquired a popular virtual avatar social networking site Avatars United.

Avatars United allows gamers in multiple virtual worlds to create an avatar and profile and engage in social networking. The searvice provides searchable profiles, widgets, activity feeds, additional registration options, and more. The service is the main property of Swedish company Enemy Unknown AB.

Linden Lab is on the right track attempting further integration of Second Life into web based social networking. Linden Lab Chief Executive Officer Mark Kingdon is also looking at authorization through Facebook Connect and other similar services.

Check out the below video for the Avatars United service.

Avatars United Trailer:

Financial details were not disclosed as is standard with any Linden Lab acquisitions including the recent purchase of virtual marketplace Xstreet SL.

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