Second Life Affairs: Is Cheating Emotional or Physical?

On Wednesday the CBC ran an episode on Second Life called Strangers in Paradise.

They do not really have much of their facts straight such as the number of residents in Second Life but the story is compelling covering internet addiction, love affairs in the virtual world, and the breakdown of marriages.


Get Some Balls and Cancel the Internet

The dad needs to get some balls and cancel his internet subscription. And the wife needs to get some counseling for internet addiction to Second Life. But the real problem is that she is having an affair online. So throw in some couples counseling as well.

It is pretty annoying how there are so many shots of eyes blinking. The large amount of footage from the Second Life virtual world is pretty good though.

There are two different online and real life couples that are covered with interviews in real life and in the game. The affairs and even the virtual weddings are covered in good detail. The video is about 39 minutes long and I find myself wanting an edited version of 15 minutes.


LOL I almost lost it when the husband compared himself to “Forest Gump”

One of the funniest parts is when a wife discovers that his husband’s girlfriend avatar had the same avatar last name and asked “Are you married?”. Or maybe it was when the husband compared himself to “Forest Gump”. LOL I almost lost it after that.

Is Cheating Emotional or Physical?


It is interesting that the question of cheating comes between physically or emotionally unfaithful. One of the wives divorced her husband in real life over it which got a lot of press.

Then the two avatars got together in real life. One couple got married in real life and the other didn’t make it. Of course the conversations that one couple has are quite awkward and they are after all antisocial people who are not the bold and playful virtual avatars that they were in the game. The saddest part is the kids that are involved in the whole thing.

If you play Second Life don’t let your family or friends see this video. Watch the full episode here.

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0 thoughts on “Second Life Affairs: Is Cheating Emotional or Physical?”

  1. My woman was cheating on me in Second Life, my kids saw her on the computer and told me, I hired a company and they busted her in a week. Photographs, chat, the whole works. We worked it out when she finally admitted it but it was good to know i was right and not crazy.

  2. I agree sl has caused a lot of husband has been involved wit another women for over a year talking on his cell phone texting her daily.he says its nothing I disagree

  3. My husband spends at least 8 to 9 hours a night with a women he met on sl they are in world together all the time doing god knows what.she is also married well going through a divorce I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop and find her at my door professing her love to MY MAN

  4. I have records of cell phone calla and text messaging that have been going on for a long time.trips to the store,calling her,visits to restrooms while we were out together to text her,voiceing with her all night long wkile I’m at work the list goes on an on..alls I can say is your only fooling yourself when you say ITS NOTHING

  5. Yep….if whoever is having this online affair with whoever in SL feels the need to sneak around, hide it and flat out lie about it, then yes…they are infact having an affair. it will cause emotional stress on the RL partner. Trust me, I was there not too long ago, lost trust in my boyfriend/fiance who i actually met on SL who has been living with me now going on 4 years. If you find any evidence (chat logs) from SL and you approach your partner with it, if she or he becomes defensive…you better nip it in the bud and pull the plug on that god forsaken world like I did. We have been doing so much better since we left there….and thats going on 2 years being off there. Good luck everyone 🙂

  6. Second Life has taken us backwards culturally and morally. It is so easy for people to cheat, to get sucked in, and to risk losing everything–especially if they are already prone to sex addiction or gaming addictions. Our society needs to catch up with the harm that this game is causing in families, people who may otherwise have to deal with their issues and get past them….sl allows them to escape just like crack cocaine.

    I wish that linden labs would take some moral responsibility for their part in hurting so many people in so many ways.

  7. My wife has been playing this for a couple of months.It has been causing alot of stress for started out to be a cool game but didnt take long to consume every moment of free time bam, there she is in sl.all morning till she goes to work after work till bed and its nothing to get 36 hour of play in on the weekend.we will she where it goes she supposedly cancelled her account today…we’ll see

  8. I feel your pain. I met someone on there 3 years ago…3 years ago he moved to be with me, 3 yrs later still going strong…BUT….BUT!!! we went back in and it made a mess of things. He cheated, he lied, i found it. The ONLY way to cancel your account is to delete the character. You can cancel the account but one can go back in anytime if the character is still “alive” Deleteing the character will remove them, they would have to pay to get it back and only within 6 months. After 6 months, everything is GONE. I strongly suggest deleteing the character not just canceling the account. What people don’t realize is that SL ruins alot of things. It makes one nuts and paranoid. You find yourself so consumed by it you forget what is going on around you. I have been out of there for over a year and you know what…I have a life off of there. The ones who are stuck in there are missing everything that is happening around them. They are missing the fresh air, and more importantly, missing thier families.

  9. This is to distressed. Get your wife and you into counseling. Second life is more addictive than heroin. The second life culture encourages the people on it to lie as their right to fantasy. I haves lived this horror through my husbands addiction. After nine months of intense counseling I’m finally feeling he is back to reality

    Second life encourages lying and also people often have multiple accounts. Install cyber software with your wife’s knowledge as a tool to help her stay off

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