Zindra Expo 2010 – Second Life Adult Continent May 7-14th

Zindra Expo 2010 Second Life Adult Event

We have written frequently about the Zindra Adult Continent in Second Life. Zindra Expo 2010 will be held from Friday, May 7, 2010 until Friday, May 14, 2010. The event will take place across 4 sims and you can currently sign up to be an exhibitor or volunteer.

Teleport the the EXPO gateway

Popular Regions of Zindra:

1. Kama City (Transit Hub) Teleport there now

2. Oritz-Gilda (Infohub)

3. Laffoon Reservoir

4. Guittarez Hydroelectric Dam Teleport there now

5. Barnaby Point Swing Bridge

6. Vulcryis Mons

7. Tyrell Mountains

Read more about the event here

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