Video: Linden Lab Releases New Second Life 2.0 Browser

New Second Life Viewer Browser Released by Linden Lab

Updated. Below is a new video interview with Mark Kingdon Chief Executive Officer of Linden Lab, creator of Second Life. The video interview discusses the launch of the new Second Life browser viewer (a new client – no it’s not browser based you still have to download and install something).

You can download the new Second Life 2.0 viewer here.

Top Features of New Second Life 2.0 Viewer:

1. Incorporates more social networking features (such as Avatars United)

2. Place web pages, video, Flash content, and other web media, onto any surface in Second Life

3. Ability to use applications like Google Docs in the viewer

4. A sliding right-hand panel of features

5. Alpha Masks to mask out parts of base avatar

6. Better management of profile, contacts, groups, landmarks, inventory, and appearance

7. Improved Second Life search functionality.

8. The new viewer is very simplified

9. Custom Names and Notes to Landmarks

The video is about 20 minutes long. Below that is a new high definition tutorial overview of Viewer 2. Check it out below.

Linden Lab Releases New Second Life Browser Video:

Second Life Viewer 2 Tutorial HD Video:

Read more here and here

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