Second Life Abandons Burning Life

Second Life Burning Life Linden Lab

We have written frequently about Burning Life. This event was the reason for the creation of Second Life and Linden Lab.

After 7 years Linden Lab will transfer ownership of the event to the official Burning Man team effective immediately. The name will also be changed to BURN 2.0.

Turning over control of the event to residents is a strange move. There is nothing up yet on the web site. This is a sure sign that Linden Lab is in real financial trouble and is looking to cut costs at any opportunity.

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2 thoughts on “Second Life Abandons Burning Life”

  1. Strange move in what sense?

    In the sense that it will free LL up to concentrate on the important things to improve SL functionality and reliability, while at the same time ensure that Burning Life (BURN 2.0) continues in the spirit in which it should be – i.e. the spirit of by the community for the community?

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