Philip Rosedale a Linden No Longer: Creator of Second Life & Founder of the Lab Starts New Venture

We have written many times about Philip Rosedale the Creator of Second Life and Founder of Linden Lab. In 2008 Philip Rosedale stepped down as CEO of Linden Lab with Mark Kingdon replacing him and Rosedale became Chairman of the Board of Directors.

A year later Rosedale has announced he will no longer work at Linden Lab full time and will be limiting his Chairman activities. He will also be starting a new company. Details are confidential for the moment. Teleport to Philip Rosedale’s office in Second Life.

Philip Rosedale Second Life Creator & Linden Lab Founder

Video Tour of Rosedale P Squared Virtual Sim:

Podcast Discussing Philip Linden Leaving Second Life:

Read the blog post here.

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