No More Sex in Second Life? – Linden Lab Cracks Down on Adult Content

Linden Lab lab announced today in their blog a huge crackdown on adult content in Second Life.

If you remember the outlawing of gambling in Second Life, crackdown on advertising in Second Life, or the new virtual land restrictions then this may not come as a surprise change for the virtual world.

Read more below:

Second Life Adult Content Crackdown Coming for Months

In fact I predicted this change when Linden Lab bought Xstreet SL and OnRez via my question at a press conference asking if Xstreet SL would remove adult content. In fact adult content is currently hidden on the Xstreet SL site by default (a change) and you must now select to show the adult content.

Will Usership and Virtual Economy in Second Life Drop as with the Gambling Ban?

Some will argue that these moves choke off the lifeblood of Second Life. While it is true that short term use of Second Life typically declines after these types of moves as does the virtual economy (as it did with the gambling ban) it is in the best interest of Linden Lab to continue to add rules and regulations and make Second Life more mainstream.

What Second Life Adult Changes will Look Like:

1. Creation of a Red Zone Adult Island

2. Filtered Search Results

3. Payment/ Age Verification to see Adult Content in Second Life

4. Estate Owners can Flag Adult Content

5. Guidelines on what is “Adult” Coming Soon.

Linden Lab blog

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0 thoughts on “No More Sex in Second Life? – Linden Lab Cracks Down on Adult Content”

  1. I am glad to hear this the sex on Second Life pulled my wife into lots of places she should not have been. She finally cheated on me with someone from SL.

  2. Well I guess that pretty much takes away the only sex people playing second life have seeing as they are complete basketcases.

  3. It will likely be the death knell for the SL Universe. One of the
    reasons folks use it is to get away from reality for a while.

    When it initially opened, a CC was required for age verification
    but that requirement was later dropped. I’m guessing it was done
    in order to boost the subscriber numbers.

    While folks will still use the system, it will only be a fraction
    of the numbers that are on it today. As a result, I would look for
    SL to shut down not long after they implement the change.

    I give it a year. Tops.

  4. Also, if your wife cheated on you, don’t blame it on a video game – I’m sure there were absolutely no other factors involved there, genius. Sounds like you still don’t get it.

  5. They’re only shooting themselves in the foot. a over 50% of SL’s revenue comes from the sale of player-made adult related goods and clothing

  6. Sex.. and even more romance-relationship-sex are a big part of secondlife. Taking it away sucks. How far will the limit go? No more picking up women in shops? No more sex jokes? No more fun?

    If enough women would verify I would wanna live in the adult zone. Disney Secondlife sucks. But I doubt many will verify.

    If they add the teengrid it will be even wose. I dont want to be accidentally picking up teenagers because I dont know they are (I pick up women in shops, not sexclubs) Pedophillia is a bitch, so keep it away from SL.

    Linden Labs s***

  7. Linden lab must be that kind of people who never had sex .
    Could you imagine a world with no sex in real ?
    Linden lab S****

  8. “over 50% of SL’s revenue comes from the sale of player-made adult related goods and clothing”

    Go ahead and change the 5 with an 8, maybe 9, and yea, you’re right.

    Why do any one of us in SL buy nice clothing or hair or skin? It’s to look good so when you DO have sex, you look nice.

    Not to mention genitalia (which is SL’s BIGGEST INDUSTRY), sexy clothes, sex toys…

    So basically, SL should be called “Sex Life” – and they want to usher all of the adult content into an ISLAND?

    Better be the size of AMERICA if they want it to fit, the non-sex stuff can go on an island the size of Hawaii.

    “omg guyz, lets get rid of all the adult stuff so advertisers will come here and give us $$$!”

    — Good idea Linden Tools, except for the part that 95% of your entire player base engages in some sort of sex and would be off put by this decision.

  9. you people are crying about losing virtual sex, and not being able to tell sex jokes in virtual stores? are you people so fat and repulsive that you can’t go into an actual store walk up to someone from the opposite sex, and maybe talk yourself into a date with that person? Sounds to me like maybe Linden’s are trying to help their users out by forcing them to go meet actual people of the opposite sex to actually HAVE SEX! quit crying over a game and go outside ……maybe you’ll finally shed a pound or two!!! sidebar don’t forget to shower first the neighbor kids won’t understand the stench you leave behind.

  10. This will in no way change SL at all… All they are doing is adding a verified ‘adult’ continent. Where you have ‘proven’ how old you are. They offered all simulator owners free movement to this continent and free age verification to all users. All LL is doing is trying to cover their ass so some damm 12 year old dont join up to SL and go do thing in a ‘adult based world’ that they shouldnt be doing. And trust me there is nothing stopping some minor from joining SL and possibly getting ‘you’ in some legal trouble (as they have allready busted a bunch of people in the past. Be happy they are doing this cuz they are looking out for you. There are places that sell things exclusively for virtual sex. There are also places where you dont even need permission from someone to force them into something. All this is doing is setting up a specific area where people are protected.

  11. second life is sux and some people think about their second life than their first life it’s’s really boring

    and there is nothing you can do than having sex virtually and chatting with other people and some features are not

    realistic like characters can fly,super jumps etc..

    but actually what do you expect from SL .? chatting ,having sex or earn Liden Dollers ,Making Clothes and Scripting,Work

    Hard in your Second Life to Earn petty Liden Dollars ,what do you do.? ,you just waste your time and increase your Motley

    Electricity Bill but actually you don’t get any important things nor entertainment playing SL also it’s a pain to read

    manuals,rules,everything and they are different place to place when you go to a new place you should first read their

    rules and you should do that again and again place to place, do you get entertainment by reading Rules and Mauals always.

    Second life Consumes lot of Bandiwitdh and it needs a good Computer to play Smootly unless you always get lags
    some Packets lost while transfering data because it uses the UDP instead TCP Protocol

    as I think Second Life should be a place that we can gain much more experiences to develop our Real Life’s state.that’s

    the point should be to play Second Life unless it’s enough to stick with either My Space or Facebook.!

    I have played Second Life for 3 months afterward bored and left.!

  12. I’m pissed, I joined today for the first time in god knows how long, and they ask me for my personal information. For some reason I feel it is crawling with illegal, maybe even scam. So they are just throwing themselves in a shitstorm. I wanted to meet up with a friend and the computer had a bitch fit that it was “Adult”. Ehh, good ridance, atleast they are destroying themselves.

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