New Life 2.0 HD Trailer Video and Schedule of Screening Dates & Locations

Life 2.0 Screenings

We have written before about the Life 2.0 Documentary. Below is a list of Life 2.0 screening dates and locations.

I definitely recommend you check it out if you can.

Life 2.0 Upcoming Screening Dates & Locations:

1. 9/10: Austin Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

2. 9/17 – 9/23: Theatrical run at Real Art Ways, Hartford CT

3. 9/22: Case Study panel at IFP Independent Film Week, New York

4. 9/23: MIT, featuring conversation with director Jason Spingarn-Koff and Prof. Sherry Turkle

5. 9/27: Towson University

6. 9/29: Boston University

7. 10/7: SITGES Fantasy Film Festival, Spain (times TBA)

8. 10/14: New Orleans Film Festival (times TBA)

9. 11/4: CPH:Dox, Copenhagen (times TBA)

Also below is a new trailer video. The high definition video is about 2 minutes long. Check it out below.

New Life 2.0 HD Trailer Video:

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