12 Major Changes to Second Life Announced at SLCC 2010 & Video

Philip rosedale SLCC 2010

SLCC 2010 had some major news this year. Linden Lab CEO Philip Rosedale announced sweeping changes and made some major commitments. Below are the 12 major changes announced/promised.

Also below is the SLCC 2010 Keynote Address video by Philip Rosedale. The video is very long. Check it out below.

12 Major changes to Second Life Announced at SLCC 2010:

1. Startup Content Display will be Reduced by 50% by end of 2010

2. Mesh uploads entering Public Beta by end of 2010

3. Group Chat Fixed by end of 2010

4. Region Crossing Bugs Fixed by End of 2010

5. An iPad Version of Second Life will be developed

6. Teen Second Life Will be Shut Down

7. First Time User Orientation will End

8. Graphics improvements and Resource improvements

9. Increase Avatar/Region Limit

10. More Control for Landowners

11. New Custom Names

12. Updates to be Done in Background

Philip Rosedale SLCC 2010 Keynote Address Video:

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4 thoughts on “12 Major Changes to Second Life Announced at SLCC 2010 & Video”

  1. You forgot… 16 & 17 year olds will be merged onto the grid.

    And I’m not sure the iPad version was a real commitment. It was more like…”we’re looking into it.”

  2. Philip only said they were just experimenting with iPad and other versions of SL viewers. He didn’t make any kind of statement about one being shipped.

    He also didn’t say they’d increase the avatar/region limit. He just said he’d give region owners better controls over how loaded they let their regions get. For example (made up by me), if someone tries to teleport into your region with an avatar rendering cost of 10,000, they get told to reduce their avatar rendering cost first.

    To clarify point 12: it’s *viewer* updates that will be done in the background (not region/server updates).

  3. Seriously? They are ending the teen grid and letting kids into the main grid? They are out of their minds.
    Big mistake, i would not let them into the main grid, so much bad stuff can happen, some people still do adult things in mature and some times even PG areas.
    This is probably the dumbest thing LL has ever done EVER!
    Get ready for major law suits by parents and the end of second life, they are gonna get suede so hard for this.
    So hard that they will lose any and what little money they have.

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