Phillip Rosedale SL6B Closing Keynote Video

The Second LIfe 6 Year Birthday Celebration closes today.

This was an amazing event and the 4 sims of the SL6B were very cool indeed. The 4 large sims of the celebration were larger than the initial entire Second Life.

To sit or not to sit? That is the question…..

Phillip Rosedale SL6B Keynote Linden

Below we see the closing keynote from Second Life founder Phillip Rosedale (known as Phillip Linden). Check out the video below. He also highlights that over 17,000 visitors came to the Second Life Birthday Celebration from over 140 countries. Please note that the build and sims will still be open for about a week after the celebration closes. Teleport there now.

Phillip Rosedale Second Life 6th Birthday Closing Keynote Video:

HD Flyby of SL6B Event Locations

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