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On a camping trip

Hello all. I am currently on a camping trip in the forest. Roasting marshmellos and making smores has been a lot of fun. For some reason Walmart and safeway were out of dry ice and firewood but we made do. I guess it is a little late for labor day camping trip but I like to avoid the crowd.

I am writing this on my new android 2phone which is pretty cool. I would have gone droid x but a physical keyboard is better.

I haven’t triedloading second life but I hope that will be coming soon. Enjoy life my friends. Be back soon.

Teen Second Life Shutting Down Forever December 31st

Teen Second Life Shutting Down Ending

We wrote recently about the 12 Major Changes Coming to Second Life many of which were announced at SLCC 2010.

One of the most earth shattering yet glossed over changes will be that Teen Second Life will be discontinued. Teens age 16 and above will be allowed into the Main Grid. The teen grid will be shut down on December 31, 2010.

This is a huge change for Second Life and despite restricting adult content to Zindra and adding maturity ratings and restrictions it can’t ease concerns about age play in Second Life.

Really it comes down to a cost cutting measure as Linden Lab is showing severe signs of financial strain. But will this be another terrible mistake? Or a change to strengthen the community?

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Agile Can’t Help Linden Lab: New Open Development Program Project Snowstorm Continues to Crowd-source Second Life Viewer Code

Second Life Agile Development

In what can only be called a disappointing launch of their Viewer 2 for Second Life, Linden Lab focused on their goals instead of incorporating feedback of their residents.

That approach obviously didn’t work and now Linden Lab is again changing course and attempting to incorporate more feedback and even code with the new open development program Project Snowstorm.

Linden Lab is going Agile in a very big way “Linden Lab has adopted the Scrum framework”. Anyone who knows anything about Agile knows that it initially makes everything much worse as the developers struggle with the different methodology and even terminology (backlog, daily scrum, use cases, retrospectives, user stories, sprints, etc. LET MAMA WATCH HER STORIES!) I can speak from personal experience that it can often decrease productivity. Agile doesn’t solve the problem of bad programmers or a poor work ethic. Only proper motivation and confidence in the company and employees can do that.

Given the almost continual layoffs at Linden Lab I don’t think they can do it.

One good thing is that they mention taking better “features from Snowglobe and other Third Party Viewers” (is that legal?).

Watch the below video about the Agile Development Process for Second Life below. The video is very long at about an hour. It also includes the news that Q Linden had a stroke. Check it out below.

Q Linden Had a Stroke and Agile Development in Second Life:

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It’s Time For Linden Lab to Hire a Google Search Expert

Second Life Search Fail

We have written frequently about Linden Lab’s attempts to improve Second Life search with the Google Search Appliance.

The problem is it isn’t working. Search is not improving and is arguably worse than ever. It is time for Linden Lab to break down and hire a Google Search Expert to fix the broken search. Obviously your employees working on Search do not have the necessary skills or knowledge to fix the problem.

Here is a suggestion Linden Lab. Hire on a contract basis a Google Search Expert (from Google if necessary) and fix this problem!

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HD Video: Second Life is Not a Game

Second Life is Not a game

The below video is a video created by DSEL about Second Life. In it he explains how he got into Second Life and why it is not a game.

DSEL is a virtual and real life DJ. His experiences and comments are a good overview for novice users.

The video is about 5 minutes long. Check it out below.

Second Life is Not a Game HD Video:

The video has disabled embedding. Please watch it here

Alright WHAT is with the Second Life Blog Formatting?

Alright I have kept silent long enough. What is with the Second Life Blog formatting. In both Firefox and Chrome the text of the “Featured Posts” is laying half on top of the images next to them. I mean, do you guys never check this or what? Maybe it is my resolution (which is pretty standard) but I do not think so. I hope when you upgrade the blog software version you also take the time to fix this glaring and long running error. See the screenshot for proof:

Second Life Blog Formatting

Second Life Needs Integrated Weather System

Second Life Weather

Second Life features amazing visual and environmental effects, or at least when viewed with the proper viewer and Windlight.

But one of the sorely lacking features of the game is an integrated Weather System. I can’t really understand why this is not allowed on a regular basis. The level of interest that rain, fog, snow, etc would add to the game provides limitless potential.

Why once a year Linden Lab even allows you to customize your sim for winter with snow.

Sure you can buy some Weather Huds like the Lindman Weather – High Quality Weather Simulation for L$1495 or the WeatherSystem deLuxe for L$1495 which includes tornadoes, fire, thunder, hail, snow, rain, and fog; but what Second Life really needs is a free and easy to use weather system that is integrated with the viewer and available to everyone.

Check out the below video on this rare snow day. The video is about 10 minutes long.

A Rare Snow Day in Second Life Video: