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Second Life Updates Rolling Out

Second Life Updates

Linden Lab is working on some updates for the Second Life platform. Below is a list of the improvements that have been made and will shortly be launched to improve the virtual world of Second Life.

Second Life Improvements:

1. Reduced lag to entire sim caused by teleporting

2. Textures loading faster via HTTP Textures moving most assets to Amazon S3 platform along with a caching service. 2011 will see an improved content delivery network

3. New Chat Service in development that will use XMPP in 2011.

4. Increase in Group Limits from 25 to 40.

5. Many Viewer 2 improvements.

6. Code now deployed on weekly basis using Agile.

7. Display names

8. Mesh Import

Update on Closure of Avatars United & XStreet SL

We have written before about the Closure of Avatars United. The site was taken down on September 29, 2010 and now redirects to the main Second Life homepage.

Many have been upset about this decision. Linden Lab plans to integrate the social networking into Second Life. Hopefully everyone had the opportunity to backup their information and get a refund on Avatars United Coins.

On a separate front XStreet SL is also being wound down. It will stop operating at the end of November with the website staying up for several months afterward allowing you to view history and other information. More updates will be coming soon.

SL Marketplace Beta Updates

We have written several times about the SL Marketplace

It was recently updated with some bug fixes and new features. Check out the list below.

SL Marketplace Updates:

1. Added use of urls

2. Addition of Category Tree to Landing Pages

3. Home Page Carousel Update

4. Distributions based on percent instead of fixed amount.

5. Multiple bug fixes

Philip Linden Calls Second Life Strategy Meeting

Second Life

Philip Linden has been the Chief Executive Officer again for about 3 weeks since Mark Kingdon was fired.

He is now calling an in-world strategy meeting. Linden Lab is looking to change directions and they want to hear the input of the community. It should be held before the end of July but no date has yet been announced.

Here is a list of some of the topics that will be discussed.

1. Lag and crashes

2. Frame Rate

3. Object Loading Times

4. Improve new user experience

5. Improve basic user experiences

6. Innovate and Invent

7. Shortened Release Cycles

8. Viewer 2

9. 3rd Party Development

10. Virtual Marketplace

11. Improving Search

The Second Life DPW Support System is Now Live

DPW Support Second Life

The Second Life DPW system is now live. To use it login to, click Help>Submit a Ticket, and select Land and Region. After you submit the ticket you will be able to see the history in “My Support History”.

The DPW is mainly used for:

1. Improving terrain on abandoned land

2. Fixes on Linden Land

3. Encroachment issues

The DPW has regular office hours Fridays, at 3:00 pm Second Life Time in the Shamon region.

Teleport there now

Some Great Second Life Stats from Metaverse Business

Second Life Stats

Metaverse Business has some great Second Life stats. The service provides the following historical data for the virtual world of Second Life.

Second Life Metaverse Business Stats:

1. Region Statistics

2. Users Online

3. Users per Country

4. Customer Spending

5. Business Profit

6. Linden Dollar Value

7. Square Meters of Land Sold

8. Average Land Price

9. Avatar Age

10. Classified Costs

11. Languages

12. Top Companies

View them all here

More Second Life Blog & Forum Problems

There have been more problems for the Second Life Blog/Forum. Recently the blogs and forums were down for about 2 hours during the latest round of bug fixes. This corrected some login issues and the recent phising attacks.

Images will not be restored until next week however. Do to popular demand images can now be hosted on the following sites:

List of Acceptable Sites to Host Images:

* Avatars United

* Flickr

* phanfare

* photobucket

* Picasa

* shutterfly

* snapfish

* tinypic

Read the official notice here.

Linden Prize Finalists – Winner Announced June 1st

We wrote before about the 2010 Linden Prize. The Linden Prize gives a $10,000 USD prize to winning person or team for a inworld project that affects the outside real life world. Over one hundred and thirty applications were submitted in January. The top 10 projects are listed below.

Linden Prize Top 10 Finalists:

1. The Power of Story: Karuna and the Uncle D Story Quest
Submitted by: Jenaia Morane & Marty Snowpaw from the Karuna Project &Lorelei Junot from the Alliance Library System

2. The Library and Archives at NASA CoLab in Second Life
Submitted by: Archivist Llewellyn from NASA’s CoLab

3. The Nonprofit Commons in Second Life
Submitted by: Glitteractica Cookie from Nonprofit Commons

4. Open University: A Third Place in Second Life
Submitted by: Elsa Dickins from The Open University in Virtual Worlds

5. Play2Train™
Submitted by: Moriz Gupte from Play2Train

6. sionChicken and sionCorn
Submitted by: Sion Zaius from Sion Labs

7. Skoolaborate: Engaging all Students for Learning
Submitted by: Westley Streeter from Skoolaborate

8. The Tech Virtual Museum Workshop
Submitted by: Agent Heliosense from Tech Virtual

9. Teaching, Research, Art, Architecture: The University of Western Australia (UWA)
Submitted by: Jayjay Zifanwe from the University of Western Australia

10. Virtual Helping Hands
Submitted by: Saxet Uralia from Virtual Helping Hands

On June 1, 2010 the winner will be announced.

Read more here