Emerald Viewer Officially Dead – All Server Access Severed – No More Releases & Remaining Developers Resign

Emerald Viewer Officially Dead

We wrote recently on the The Downfall of the Emerald Viewer & Permanent Damage to Second Life.

Emerald Viewer is now official dead. Arabella Steadham announced today on the Emerald blog that there will be no further releases for the Emerald Viewer effective immediately…..Alas this was not to be. Linden Lab has made demands of the team that are impossible to meet. Among the demands not listed publicly elsewhere was to ……………………….

The Downfall of the Emerald Viewer & Permanent Damage to Second Life

Emerald Viewer Breasts Second Life
It all started with allegations that developers of the popular Emerald Second Life viewer (reportedly used by 1 out of 3 Second Life users and accounts for half of all user hours) engaged in denial of service attacks against rival developers.

It was also discovered that the Emerald Viewer security may not be up to par with several back doors and bugs.

The problem with all of this is that 80% of Residents do not like the Viewer 2 that Linden Lab provides. This fueled the Emerald Viewer’s popularity along with the the feature of realistic bouncing breast physics. So now that popular viewer has lost faith. Without the bouncing breasts of Emerald many people may simply give up on Second Life altogether. This could spark a further decline in Second Life user hours……………………

Agile Can’t Help Linden Lab: New Open Development Program Project Snowstorm Continues to Crowd-source Second Life Viewer Code

Second Life Agile Development

In what can only be called a disappointing launch of their Viewer 2 for Second Life, Linden Lab focused on their goals instead of incorporating feedback of their residents.

That approach obviously didn’t work and now Linden Lab is again changing course and attempting to incorporate more feedback and even code with the new open development program Project Snowstorm.

Linden Lab is going Agile in a very big way “Linden Lab has adopted the Scrum framework”. Anyone who knows anything about Agile knows that it initially makes everything much worse as the developers struggle with the different methodology and even terminology (backlog, daily scrum, use cases, retrospectives, user stories, sprints, etc. LET MAMA WATCH HER STORIES!) I can speak from personal experience that it can often decrease productivity. Agile doesn’t solve the problem of bad programmers or a poor work ethic. Only proper motivation and confidence in the company and employees can do that.

Watch the below video about the Agile Development Process for Second Life below. The video is very long at about an hour. It also includes the news that Q Linden had a stroke. Check it out below………………………………

Second Life Starts Blocking Third-Party Viewers, Bots & Software Friday

Second Life Viewer

Linden Lab recently instituted a third-party viewer policy in their updated Terms of Service. The policy effects any third-party software including clients, chat, utilities, bots, proxies, and other applications that log into Second Life servers.

Starting Friday this policy will be enforced which may include blocking applications and sofware not in compliance. Approved viewers are listed in the Third-Party Viewer Directory. Only 7 are currently listed there.

Below is a list of some of the rules of Third Party Viewers.

New Rules for Third-Party Viewers & Software:

Second Life Viewer 2 Stability Update

Download Second Life Viewer 2.0.1

Linden Lab has now made available release Viewer 2.0.1 for Second Life. The download is available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, MAC OS X, or Linux i686. This update includes the following which increase stability, security, and performance issues in Viewer 2. A list of the fixes is below…………………………

80%+ of Current Second Life Residents Do Not Like Viewer 2 – Poll Results

Second Life Viewer 2 Poll

We have written frequently about the Second Life Viewer 2. It is a big change and definitely has the “look” of a more social, web 2.0 client. I for one actually like the new Viewer 2. Yes it has many many problems but I know that in another 3 versions much of that will be fixed.

The problem is that over 80% of current Second Life residents do not like Viewer 2. Where do I get these statistics? Why from 2 different polls both conducted by Linden Lab. The first received 239 responses and…………………………………….